Happy Metalworker's Day!

On this special day, the life of Fray Luis Beltrán is celebrated, who was born in Mendoza on September 7, 1784 and stood out for his knowledge in chemistry, mathematics and mechanics.

The become friar was one of the first to value the mineral wealth of the country and give it a leading role, using it in the manufacture of weapons such as rifles and cannons to fight in the struggle for independence, serving as head of the Artillery Park in the army. of General San Martin.

The Mendoza was the forerunner of one of the most important activities in the country, metallurgy, and praised the work of those who develop this profession with effort and dedication.

On this special occasion, we want to highlight the fundamental work carried out by all the members of Aspro, performing with great responsibility and dedication to offer the market the best alternatives in terms of quality and technological development.

In turn, we want to recognize those who work tirelessly to provide a service of value to society, demonstrating that the metallurgical sector is of the utmost importance for the development and success of our country.

Happy Metalworker's Day!

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