Representative Network

Representative Network

Find out more about Aspro in this video that summarizes the differential advantages of the company that show that Aspro is a leader in CNG compressors manufacturing.


Statement of business conduct

As company and as individuals we push ourselves to develop and maintain an ethical business culture. To lead by example is the base for our success: not just talking but doing. We value integrity, transparency, honesty, constructive self-criticism, continuous improvement and respect, which we acknowledge as essential for our company’s good development and success.

We accept great challenges and we are proud to achieve them. For that reason, we promote active participation of our stakeholders to make it happen.

Our management encourages ethical conduct within their teams. Our people work in line with this commitment, using it as the base for decision making. We firmly believe this is the only way to run a business in a successful and sustainable manner.

Delta Compresión S.R.L. Integrated Policy

The quality of our products and services is a priority and strategic objective in our company. We everyday challenge ourselves to satisfy the requirements of our clients, overcoming their needs and expectations. We also challenge ourselves to support and encourage the constant improvement of our processes, throughout the continuous development of the capabilities and competencies of our employees. We everyday challenge ourselves to consolidate a functional organization based in responsibility and self-control, in which every individual is responsible for quality, customer satisfaction and profitability.

We also consider fundamental to care for our people and the environment. Everyday we challenge ourselves to reduce the risks and dangers on the health of our collaborators, in order to prevent damages to their integrity. We challenge ourselves to also contribute to reducing the carbon dioxide print created by our business.

The management commits to satisfy the requirements and constantly improve the efficiency of the integrated management system and satisfy the national and international technical rules and policies in force for the manufactured products in the destination markets. This policy provides a reference frame to establish and revise the company objectives.

This policy provides a reference frame to establish and revise the company objectives.


To be a leading company in the world market for natural gas and Oil & Gas compression systems, that transmits safety and trust to customers through the quality of its products and services, and contributes to the the well-being, sense of belonging and pride of its collaborators.


To conquer and be a leader in the world market of gas compression systems and well head compressors for Oil & Gas operations, while maintaing leadership in natural gas market, in order to be recognised as a company that contributes to the best use of global energy potential and the obtention of affordable and environmentally friendly energy, throughout innovative solutions.


  • Commitment: We are committed to satisfy the needs of our clients, always providing quick and valuable answers.
  • Passion: We work for what we truly feel and motivates us, persevering to obtain the common objectives and goals.
  • Responsibility: Fullfil the acquired commitments generating trust and ease for performing our job correctly.
  • Constant Improvement: We are continuously challenging ourselves to improve in order to achieve excellence and anticipate the changes that the environment demands.
  • We value our people:  source of our energy. Involvement and team work are the essence of our growth.
  • Sustainability:  we manage our operations committed to a sustainable vision, contributing to economical growth and social and environmental value.


Through Time


ASPRO brand is created


First gas station using an ASPRO Compressor


First gas station using an ASPRO Compressor


First sale to Brazil


ASPRO in 20 countries


Oil & Gas Development


Compressor number 5000

2020 >

Industry 4.0


of Quality

 Our commitment to quality determines each of our actions when manufacturing equipment or offering a service. For this reason, our plants, our production processes and our products are continuously tested by third party surveyors to guarantee their total quality worldwide.