Genuine Parts


Aspro spare parts are manufactured In Argentina and its plant has a large production capacity.


ISO 9001: 2015 certified, guaranteeing the highest safety requirements in the production of each original spare part.


Aspro has been in the CNG market for more than 3 decades, with more than 5,400 pieces of equipment sold around the world, making it the most experienced brand to offer quality spare parts.


In order to meet the needs of each customer, Aspro provides specialized technical assistance, spare parts and preventive maintenance programs through its international after-sales attention network present in 38 countries.

Each representative is trained on the latest technologies and has a wide stock of original spare parts available to customers in their region to provide quick assistance, guaranteeing that Aspro compression systems develop their full performance.

Customer service is one of the key values to grow in the international market. Therefore personnel works along with each customer everywhere there is an Aspro compressor, working to provide effective solutions to ensure their business is profitable, reliable and secure.

Preventive Maintenance

To guarantee the compression systems´performance and continuously maintain its highest performance, Aspro specially designed the preventive maintenance programs that suit each customer needs. Respecting maintenance protocols defined by the manufacturer and getting an official representative for repairs is the most effective way to reduce risk, improve reliability and assure the best profitability of the station.


  • Increase the productivity of the station.
  • Minimize unplanned stops.
  • Remove unnecessary maintenance and inefficient tasks.
  • Focus resources where they are really needed.
  • Fulfill with safety and environmental regulations
  • Investments schedule and increase the life of the compressor.

Remote Monitoring

Monitoring systems make it possible to reduce field visits and keep the operation controlled remotely.
Real-time telemetry of the compressor unit and the motor with digital indicators and operation alarms. The system emits instant messages and alarms in real time with alert notices, allows to collect and access historical data for analysis.