Metalworker day

On a day like today, on September 7, 1784, Luis Beltrán was born in San Juan..

Argentine military man and Franciscan friar, of brilliant performance as a manufacturer, organizer and head of the artillery park of General José de San Martín in the Army of the Andes.  

On this day of the metallurgical worker, we congratulate all Aspro workers who, with their effort, capacity and dedication, carry out their work helping to achieve a competitive and technologically developed metallurgical industry.

We express our gratitude to those who are part of this great team that allows us to achieve a more developed and prosperous country.

In these two years of pandemic we have shown, once again, that with the efforts of all workers, the metallurgical sector contributes to having a better country.

A very happy day to those who are part of our dear family and contribute so that we have a quality industry.

Aspro, Argentine industry, made by Argentines.

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Trafigura delegation in Aspro

Trafigura delegation in Aspro

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