A look into the Crude Extraction Process

The Individual Pumping Device operation is the beginning of the crude extraction process.

The origin of raising a liquid from a well by means of a pump that is below ground level and is driven from the surface by a series of bars and a counterweight, is known and has been used for more than 2000 years. During the last 50 years, progress in the design of oil pumping and extraction facilities accompanied the development of tools, equipment and machinery used for oil extraction. The result is today's pump installation. The Individual Pumping Device operation is the beginning of the crude extraction process.

With a significant increase in the production of Shale in Vaca Muerta, the exploration and extraction process of crude oil with different methods depend on the type and state of maturation of the well, for this Aspro designs, manufactures and markets oil compression equipment gas for sale and rent. This month it installed a new stimulation compressor at the Aguada Federal field. This equipment takes gas between columns, therefore facilitating the extraction of oil in old or depleted wells, extending its useful life. The equipment works with a suction pressure of 2 bar and with a liquid separation process controlled by scrubbers and blowcase, which are sized to the operating conditions required by the customer. A programmable logic controller (PLC) receives the information from the sensors and manages the operating parameters of the compressor. The compressor unit is designed and manufactured by Aspro in Argentina at the Tigre industrial plant. In the case of the installed unit, the discharge pressure that is injected is 22 bar.

The Neuquén basin is one of the largest hydrocarbon producers in the world. Located in the north of Argentine Patagonia is the recipient of investment sources that enhance the production of gas and oil. Today, Aspro accompanies oil companies in the region to develop custom compression systems and continue to offer reliable solutions for gas compression.

Gas compression equipment developed by Aspro for the extraction of crude oil:

  • Wellhead - WHC
  • Gas Lift
  • Process compressor
  • Screw compressor

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