World Energy Saving Day

Every October 21, World Energy Saving Day is celebrated, designated by the World Energy Forum to promote universal access to energy and raise awareness about its use. 

Although energy saving is an issue that has been very present in recent months in the minds of Argentines who must take care of their pockets, the truth is that there is still much to be done to achieve energy efficiency.

Initiatives that at first sound simple, such as the use of category A appliances or reuse and reduction, are very useful for saving energy, generating a positive impact on the environment and, in turn, reducing the carbon footprint.

In this sense, organizations can propose to be agents of change that apply a triple impact model, where they contribute to promoting improvements in social and environmental aspects, without giving up the objective of generating profits. 

In this way, the actions should not be limited only to the outside but the staff must be trained so that they can apply good practices in caring for the environment in spheres that transcend the corporate.

Recycling of rainwater and irrigation with solar energy
Rainwater recycling

On the other hand, as a society we must start looking for alternative energies that allow us to achieve this efficiency and are not harmful to the environment, and this is where natural gas becomes important.

The energy generated by this fuel contributes to caring for the quality of the air we breathe and it should be noted that we could consider natural gas an inexhaustible source of resources if we treat our own waste or agricultural, livestock and industrial waste.

Composting for our organic garden
Composting at Aspro industrial plant

For this reason, and taking into account that 20% of emissions are produced in the transport, both of goods and individuals, the main truck factories in the region are already producing and introducing CNG-only units in the country, which do not require infrastructure works as needed by those that are powered by electricity or hydrogen. 

CNG for heavy vehicles

Likewise, it is important to highlight that in our country there is an infrastructure for the dispatch of CNG, with more than 2000 service stations and most of them are able to supply heavy vehicles, since they have turning spaces for large vehicles. size and high flow dispenser, generating a charging time similar to that of Diesel pumps.

Aspro high flow dispenser
Aspro high flow dispenser

However, in our country there is enormous potential that we must develop, firstly, so that gas is a common good and easily accessible anywhere in the territory, and secondly, to be part of this transition to more clean, taking into account that CNG is undoubtedly the correct fuel to achieve this. Although it is necessary for the industrial sphere, in coordination with the public sector, to work to achieve this, we must not forget that this new event challenges us as a society. Each of us, whether at home, in our study centers or at work, can save energy and this is a new opportunity to do so.

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