We received members of the Aspromonte family

With great satisfaction, we received members of the Aspromonte family in our production plant along with former staff members who founded the company and made Aspro an internationally recognized brand.

In the encounter we shared experiences, anecdotes and memories of more than 35 years of history, which filled us with joy and motivated us to continue growing.

Aspro´s story begins in 1953, when Vicente, Reinaldo and José Aspromonte, together with their mother Carmela, arrived to Argentina after their father Nicola left his native Italy following the war, looking for a better home for his family.

After much effort and learning, the brothers managed to stand out in the metallurgical industry, and in 1975, Metalurgica Aspromonte Bros was born.

Later, in 1985, José undertooked a trip to Europe in search of new opportunities, with a vision in CNG. On his return, he tells his brothers: “I didn't buy the compressor. We´re going to make it ourselves.” They all thought he was crazy as compressors are high-tech equipment, but I was convinced that we could make it”, he said.

After manufacturing a compressor that meets quality standards, in 1993 they expanded to the world, taking their first steps in Brazil, until they achieved exporting to 45 countries.

“Mi story is that of a post-war immigrant who came to this blessed land with a great desire to grow. We can deny many things in Argentina, but we can never forget the way this country opened its doors to immigrants who wanted to work. Argentina gave me the opportunity to develop, to have a family and to achieve unthinkable dreams. I am forever grateful to this country. I could say proudly that I have traveled a long path of hard work and challenges, and that everything I have sown during my life, was more than returned to me. I would love to be remembered as a hard worker”, said José Aspromonte in a memorable interview with ADIMRA – Argentine Chamber of Compressed Natural Gas (CAGNC).

Nowadays, Aspro continues expanding in the industry without limits.

Aspro: Argentine industry.

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