12/13: Oil and Gas Day

Oil and gas day

📌 Every December 13, Argentinian Oil and Gas Day is celebrated in our country in commemoration of the discovery of the first hydrocarbon deposit on the outskirts of the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, which occurred in 1907.

🟦 Currently, natural gas is one of the most used energy sources, both domestically and industrially, playing a key role in the energy transition that the world is going through.

One of the milestones of 2023 is the inauguration of the Gas Pipeline that will take gas from Vaca Muerta to the province of Buenos Aires.

It is estimated that the project will direct the country towards more competitive energy costs with production in record time, managing to federalize gas and enabling its arrival in all corners of the country, especially in the south of Argentina.

aspro assembly line

🟦 Currently, our energy matrix shows that the largest source of energy is gas, followed by oil and lastly we can see renewable energies such as solar, wind and hydraulic. In this sense, oil is also an essential component, not only to contribute to the supply of energy, but also for its use as a raw material in the petrochemical industry. 

At Aspro we celebrate this day, accompanying the path of the industry and constantly challenging ourselves to improve, to achieve excellence and anticipate the changes demanded by the market, carrying out the design and manufacture of low and medium power equipment tailored to our clients. , to high-power equipment that adapts to the national market.

Being the 2nd largest exporter of machinery and equipment in Argentina, we celebrate this date and continue to focus on the development of quality equipment to grow more and more and be a clear generator of foreign currency for the country.

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