Screw compressors, an excellent solution.

Aspro Screw compressors are an excellent solution for low and very low pressure gas compression, widely used to compress N2, CO2, natural gas, biogas and even air.

They allow compression from 0 bar (atmospheric pressure) and discharge with outlet pressures up to 15 bar with compact, highly reliable and very low-maintenance equipment.

They are usually used for recovery gas from vents, injection of gases into production lines to modify and enrich the mixture of industrial processes, in VRU (vapor recovery unit in storage tanks of combustible liquids), to release the pressure in drilling columns of oil wells and new applications that emerge everyday.

Aspro designs, manufactures and markets gas compression equipment for sale and rental.

Aspro Screw Compressor. Inlet pressure 0 to 1.5 bar. 15 bar outlet. Flow 20,000 Sm³ / day.

In Screw compressors, the lubrication fluid fulfills 3 functions that make it a key element, since it lubricates, cools and seals in compression.

The selection of the oil is a subject of study in this class of equipment, it must be analyzed specifically for each case, considering the interrelation that occurs between the oil and the composition of the gas to be compressed.

Other important components are the oil separator filter, the thermostatic valve, the low pressure valve and the gas and oil coolers, all harmoniously dimensioned according to the working conditions; gas pressures, flow rates, chromatography and gas temperature, as well as the environmental conditions of the installation site.

Today, Aspro accompanies oil companies in the region to develop custom compression systems and continue to offer reliable solutions for gas compression.

Gas compression equipment developed by Aspro for the extraction of crude oil:

  • Wellhead - WHC
  • Re injection to well
  • Process compressor
  • Screw compressor

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