Aspro: more than a place to work


For us Aspro is much more than a company, it is a family. Although our main objective is to offer the best quality of our products and services, there is a second objective that is not far behind. This consists of creating a warm and safe work team where it is a pleasure to work and everyone feels part of it.

A great precursor of this was José Alberto Gauna, who after accompanying us for 39 years is retiring.

He was an exemplary employee, who stood out, not only at a professional level, in all the sectors in which he worked (hydraulic testing, Magnaflux test, compressor assembly, crankshaft grinding, rod grinding, cylinder honing, deburring and of stamps) but also on a personal level, infecting his work team with his camaraderie and willingness to face the challenges that came his way.

Reaching the end of his cycle in the company and looking back, we notice how much he taught us and the great legacy he leaves behind. José managed to put Aspro's values on high, demonstrating his commitment, responsibility and passion for offering the best quality in the market, constantly challenging us to achieve continuous improvement among all.

José will always be part of the family that we form in Aspro, that's why we only say “see you forever”. With enormous gratitude we wish you immense happiness in this new stage of your life.

plant inside view
Interior view of the Aspro industrial plant in Tigre

This is just one example of the commitment of our employees, who make their work a family and who work tirelessly for the success of the organization, developing the Argentine industry and projecting it to the world.

With mixed feelings, we look back with nostalgia, but we are sure that as long as we form this family that is Aspro, our future is bright.

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Trafigura delegation in Aspro

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