August 21, children's day

At Aspro we seek to promote values such as solidarity and social awareness, which is why we created the "Weaving ties with the community" campaign, which is one of the axes of our 2025 Sustainable Development program.

Picnic Little Braves of Benavidez

Within this framework, we decided to make a collection of toys among all Aspro collaborators, on the occasion of Children's Day, which we delivered on Saturday the 20th to the boys and girls of the Pequenos Valientes picnic area in Benavídez.

In turn, our team organized a drawing contest for the youngest, with the aim of raising awareness among children about the importance of the use of personal protection elements that allow safe work.

They really surprised us with their creativity and interest in the tasks that their fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers carry out every day.

Aspro drawing contest
Drawing competition

On the other hand, we made a raffle for an incredible bicycle that we delivered yesterday.

This was the result of the unconditional work of the entire team with a clear goal, to pamper the little ones.

Our goal is to collaborate firmly to ensure children's rights, help meet the basic needs of the little ones and increase the opportunities offered to them to fully reach their potential.

The winner of the contest with the HR team

We understand that nurturing childhood is the fundamental basis for creating a better world. 

We want to thank our people for their absolute support in this initiative and the brave little ones for receiving us with such affection.

On this day we celebrate the dreams that begin in our childhood.

Let us never lose the curiosity to explore and the desire to learn while playing, as our children do. Dreaming is the only way to create a better world.

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